Top Masters of Law at UK universities

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Master of Laws (LL.M. degree) provides opportunities for Law students to advance their career. 

LL.M. degrees taught by top law schools worldwide offer specialisations in European Public Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Law, Taxation, Human Rights, or Criminal Justice. LL.M. graduates start careers as lawyers, law professors, judges, diplomats, politicians, legal counsellor, mediators and more.

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for LL.M. students, many of whom are looking to study in some of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the world. Although many LL.M. programs are offered in London—one of the world’s premier finance and technology hubs—there are also strong offerings in the north of England as well as in Scotland. The range of LL.M. programs on offer by law schools in the UK can be staggering; the most popular specializations in the country include Banking & Finance Law, Energy Law, and Competition Law.

An LLM in the UK takes a minimum of one year of full-time study however there are also part-time study options. Graduates with an LLM in the UK have excellent opportunities for careers in the region as well as globally, in public organizations, private firms, or multinational companies.

An LLM program in the UK can range from around £10,000-£20,000 indirect cost, and in the US the tuition fees range from under US$10,000 to over US$60,000.
Which are the outing jobs possibilities after LLM?

  • Consultancies.
  • Corporate.
  • Courthouses.
  • Finance.
  • FMCG.
  • International Organizations such as the UN or UNICEF.
  • Law Firms.
  • Media and Publishing houses.

If you’re considering pursuing a Master in the UK, then let us help you find some of the best programmes for you.

  1. Master of Laws in International Corporate Governance - ONLINE
  2. Master of Laws in International Business Law - ONLINE
  3. Master of Laws in Corporate Governance GradCG - ONLINE
  4. Master of Laws in Corporate Governance - ONLINE
  5. Master of Laws in Company Law - ONLINE
  6. Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law 
  7. Master of Laws in International Human Rights Law - ONLINE
  8. Master of Laws in Legal Practice Programmes - ONLINE
  9. Master of Laws General 
  10. Master of Laws in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution - ONLINE
  11. Master of Laws in Medical Law and Ethics - ONLINE
  12. Master of Arts in Law - ONLINE
  13. Master of Sciences in Legal Technology- ONLINE
  14. Master of Laws- ONLINE
  15. Master of Law in International and Commercial Law 
  16. Master of Law in Law by Research

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