Top Master's Degree Subjects for International Study in the UK

Monday, August 31, 2020

The United Kingdom is a great option for postgraduate study, whether you are already a UK resident or an international student looking for an advanced study abroad experience. What subjects do students usually choose to study? Is the kind of Master’s Degree you are thinking of a popular choice? Find out in this article!

A bachelor’s degree will surely prepare you for any entry-level job. However, if you are an ambitious student then a master’s degree seems to be a yes-yes situation for you! It will not only boost your employability and expand your career opportunities, but it can also increase your potential income.

Earning a master’s degree is important, but even more so may be the place where you study. The UK is a global leader in higher education, and deserves to be at the top of any potential master’s student’s list of study locations. The UK offers a wide variety of master’s degrees, modern educational approaches, flexible courses, diverse student communities, great professorship and so much more.

Not sure what to earn your master’s degree in? Check out this list of top subjects for masters study in the UK.

Top Subjects For Masters Study Abroad in the UK

  1. Business & Administrative Studies
  2. Economics, Politics, Sociology & other Social Studies
  3. Engineering & Technology
  4. Creative Arts & Design
  5. Law
  6. Education (including Teaching Training)
  7. Computer Science
  8. Nursing, Health, and Subjects Allied to Medicine
  9. Mass Communications & Media Studies
  10. Biological Sciences
  11. Architecture, Building & Planning
  12. Languages, Literature, Linguistics, & Classics
  13. Physical Sciences
  14. Medicine & Dentistry
  15. History, Archaeology & Philosophy
  16. Agriculture
  17. Veterinary Science

Now that you’ve read about the top master’s degree courses in the UK, you’ll want to start thinking about your future higher education institution. Many colleges and universities in the UK offer top quality programmes that are designed to offer students an amazing education that can advance their professional and academic careers.

To help you get started, you can check out this quick list of some of the best schools in the UK!

Durham University
Imperial College London
Lancaster University
University of Buckingham
University of Cambridge (shown in article image)
University of Greenwich
University of Oxford
The Open University

All of these colleges and universities offer top quality master’s programmes! Find out more by clicking on each university name to learn about the university and what exciting master’s degree opportunities it has to offer.

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