Why study Pharmacology? Take a look at the Best Master’s Degrees in the UK

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

If you are interested in pursuing a Master in pharmacology, you should learn everything about this discipline and take a look at the best programmes available in the UK.

What is Pharmacology about?

Pharmacology involves the study of how drugs affect a biological system and how a body responds to those drugs. However, this is not everything pharmacology is about. There is more to it than that.

This is a very dynamic, interesting and evolving discipline since it is constantly trying to find drugs to cure or treat different kinds of diseases and sufferings people or animals go through.

Contrary to what many believe, Pharmacology is not just about drugs and medicines, it goes much deeper than that! This discipline begins at the molecular level and goes all the way up to the social and political spheres. There are many aspects this discipline has to take into account, including sources, chemical properties, effects and therapeutic uses of the drugs they develop.

What do Graduates from a Master in Pharmacology do?

Pharmacologists’ jobs involve researching how living organisms are affected by chemicals and discover how and why they can be used as drugs.

They work in different contexts, such as:

Pharmacologists’ jobs are crucial in the improvement and even in the saving of people and animals’ lives. They have the responsibility of taking care of many different aspects, including the economic, social and legal aspects.

They are very important professionals who are in charge of developing drugs that help improve those in need’s lives, which makes this job a very rewarding one.

Why study a Master in Pharmacology?

Do learning about how drugs affect a biological system and how the body responds to them interest you? If you are interested in drugs, how they function and developing them in order to improve or save lives sounds exciting, a Master in Pharmacology is perfect for you!

You can pursue a Master in Pharmacology at some of the best universities in the UK. Discover the best programmes available and learn everything about them by clicking on them in order to make sure this career path is the right one for you and that you choose the Master’s degree in Pharmacology that suits you best!

Best Masters in Pharmacology in the UK

Master of Research in Pharmacology - Nottingham Trent University
Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacology - University of Aberdeen
Master of Science in Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology - University of Bradford
Master of Science in Pharmacology with Industrial Placement - University of Aberdeen
Master of Science in Immunology and Pharmacology with Industrial Placement - University of Aberdeen

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