Political Science: Why Pursue a Master's Degree?

14 February 2022

Advance your career in Political Science with a Master's degree. Learn more about this master's degree here. 

Are you interested in increasing your knowledge in Political Science and becoming an expert in a specific area within this social science? A Master’s degree in Political Science might be the answer. Keep reading to find why you should pursue this master’s degree and much more.

Political Science Defined 

Political Science is a social science that studies and analyzes politics and power from different angles,  meaning that political scientists study politics from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives.

Political scientists' main aim is to understand how the world of politics works by studying political ideas, institutions, ideologies, policies, behavior, processes, strategies, among many other aspects that make up political relations.

How do they do it? 

Political scientists are in charge of finding answers to questions such as the following:

  • How is currency established?
  • Why do countries fight wars?
  • How does social organizing impact government policy?
  • Why are some countries rich and others poor?
  • What does it mean to act ethically in politics? 
  • What government policies are most effective in controlling an epidemic or a pandemic?
  • How does a dictator maintain power?
  • What determines foreign policy?
  • Who has the most influence on government decisions?
  • Why is the United States a two-party system?

Political science is much more than what meets the eye! 

When hearing "political science", many people think of political campaigns and presidential elections.  But the truth is there is much more to it than that! Political science is a diverse field that enables professionals to touch many different areas that make up our society. 

Reasons to pursue a Master’s degree in Political Science

Anvance your career

A bachelor’s degree in political science prepares students for a career in the public and/or research sector and provides them with highly demanded skills. However, with a master’s degree, they will get the knowledge and expertise they need to advance their political science careers to the next level.

Understand what's wrong with society and develop the tools to solve it

A Master's degree in political science is prefect for those who want to reach an expert level of understanding of society’s fundamental problems and how to solve them from the inside. 

Learn how politics impact our lives

Master’s degree programs in political science are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of how politics influences our lives and how it can contribute to the wellbeing of a civilization, as well as harm it.

Climb the career ladder

This master’s degree is the best fit for those interested in working in higher-level positions in non-governmental or governmental organizations. 

What to expect from a Master in Political Science?

Master’s degree programs in political science have advanced classes that are designed to enable students to learn about research methods, introduction to graduate-level study of politics, contemporary political theory, how politics impact on different fields, both positively and negatively, including the environment, international relations, business, and more.

Typically, master’s students are able to choose a concentration so as to deepen their knowledge in a specific area within the political sciences. Concentrations may include international affairs, public policy, U.S. government and politics, political theory, comparative politics, and more.

Where can you pursue a Master in Political Science?

In the U.S., there are thousands of universities where you can choose to pursue your Master’s degree in Political Science. Click here to check out all the programs available on our website. If you need more information on a specific program, please feel free to fill out the form available at our website and one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you might have.

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