Top Management Master’s Degree Programmes in the UK

Friday, July 31, 2020

MSc in Management or Master in Management(MiM) has a deep relationship with the European continent and the UK is one of the countries which boasts a large number of schools offering the degree.

Studying for a Master in Management (MiM) in the United Kingdom (UK) can be a rewarding experience for many students. There are many business schools across the UK and Ireland which offer MiM programs as well as specialized business master's degrees.

Students who pursue a Master in Management programme in the UK generally study a range of topics in general management. For instance, the core curriculum in a MiM program might include courses in finance, marketing, supply chain management, information technology, and other areas. Some MiM programs in the UK might also allow for specializing in specific areas of business. 

What’s it about?

The master’s in management (MiM) is an intensive programme designed to develop your intellectual and professional skills as an outstanding manager and leader over a lifetime career.  Consequently, business schools are looking for high-calibre applicants who want to expand their global perspective and deliver real impact in a fast-moving business world.

Mims is aimed at students who have just completed their undergraduate studies and who are at the start of their career.  

Although most applicants are, indeed, recent graduates, others apply after one year of postgraduate corporate work, and some may even have two years of non-traditional business experience, such as in the armed forces or medicine. If you’re considering pursuing a Master in Management (MiM) programme in the UK, then let us help you find some of the best programmes for you.

  1. Master of Science in Lean Enterprise - University of Buckingham
  2. Master of Science in Strategic Business Management - University of Law (ONLINE)
  3. Master of Science in Major Programme Management - University of Oxford (ONLINE)
  4. Oxford MBA - University of Oxford (ONLINE)
  5. Master of Science in Major Programme Management - University of Oxford (ONLINE)
  6. Master of Science Business Analytics - Imperial College London (ONLINE)

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