What are the Most In-Demand Masters in the UK?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Masters Degree can boost your employability, expand your career opportunities and increase your income.

A Masters Degree prepares you for a successful career in the professional pathway of your own choosing. The UK, as a global leader in higher education, has a wide variety of Masters Degrees offered through in-person traditional learning programmes and online degree programmes. 

Earning your masters will give you the chance to advance significantly in your personal growth as you gain special expertise in a subject that interests you. The UK is home to hundreds of high quality institutions and well renowned universities that offer top masters degrees, both online and in person. UK masters programmes require a lot of independence which means that masters students will have a lot of time to craft their masters programme as they see fit.

What are some of the most popular Masters Degrees in the UK?

According to Studying in the UK, the following are highly popular and very in-demand Masters Programmes:

  • Business Courses i.e. Master of Business Administration, MBA Executive
  • Engineering Courses
  • Physiotherapy Courses
  • Medicine Courses
  • Math Courses
  • Computer Science Courses
  • Law Courses
  • Architecture Courses
  • Psychology Courses i.e. Masters in Child Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Veterinary Science Courses

These top masters programmes are available online through distance learning at many of the UK’s top universities. Distance learning and online courses allow online masters students to study wherever they may be as they arrange their studies conveniently around their work and/or family life. Online masters students use online materials and online learning resources in order to participate in active online learning.

Distance learning programmes at any accredited online university will be recognized by future employers.

What are other Popular Postgraduate Subjects in the UK?

According to Find a Masters, the following are the most popular Masters Degree subjects for International Students in the UK:

  • Business and Administrative Studies Courses
  • Economics, Politics, Sociology and other Social Studies Courses
  • Engineering and Technology Courses
  • Creative Arts and Design Courses
  • Law Courses
  • Education Courses
  • Computer Science Courses
  • Nursing, Health and other subjects allied to Medicine Courses
  • Mass Communications and Media Studies Courses
  • Biological Sciences Courses

Are you mostly concerned with your employability? 

Study Flats has put together this list of some of the most employable Masters Degrees in the UK:

  • Education
  • Combined Subjects
  • Architecture, Building & Planning
  • Subjects Allied to Medicine
  • Veterinary Science
  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Mass Communication & Documentation
  • Business & Administrative Studies

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