Neuromarketing Strategies Put into Practice

14 March 2022

Find out about the discipline that combines marketing strategies with neuroscience principles to appeal to the senses and attract more viewers. Here you’ll find some instances in which neuromarketing is put into practice.

The field of marketing is based on behaviour, since its main aim is to catch potential customers’ attention. What’s the best way to tailor marketing strategies to reach your target audience? We can say that it is to study the target audience’s patterns of behaviour. This will enable you to get to know their preferences and, in turn, to tailor marketing strategies to make sure they are appealing to the right audience.

For that reason, it’s pretty common for marketing to be combined with neuroscience to form the field of Neuromarketing. Since neuroscience is concerned with the study of the brain and its functioning, it can give marketing a deeper understanding of how the brain works and, as such, marketing can use this information to model their marketing strategies.

Do you want to learn more about Neuromarketing? Here you’ll find examples of neuromarketing put into practice.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a branch of marketing that brings psychology and neuroscience together. Principles from these two disciplines are combined to be applied to marketing and bring neuromarketing to life. Neuromarketing strategies are then implemented based on a deep insight into consumer patterns of behaviour.

Neuromarketing is deeply concerned with the functioning of the brain and how this can shape how we behave. This way, neuromarketing professionals are able to prevent or even manipulate consumer behaviour. 

How can this be possible? Psychological and neural signs are measured to gain insight into what motivates customers, what they prefer, the decisions they make, among others. These insights are then put into practice to come up with effective marketing strategies.

4 Instances of Neuromarketing in Action

Eye Gaze

There’s no denying that ads that show people are the most effective ones. In addition, we can say that babies attract the most attention from potential customers thanks to the help of eye tracking technology. 

Going even further, marketing professionals have found out that showing pictures of cute babies isn’t the most effective way to attract customers, but there are other metrics that increase the ads effectiveness. For example, if the baby looks face on, it’s more likely that viewers will focus more on the face than on the content of the advertisement. Instead, the baby should be looking directly at the advertised product, since this will subconsciously lead the viewer towards the product.

Attention to Colour

We are all well aware of the effects colours can have on shaping how we feel, and it comes as no surprise that the field of marketing uses this as a tool to influence consumers’ behaviour. 

When advertisers choose colours, they must make sure each colour is apt to the situation they want to portray in the advertisement, since each colour will bring about different effects.  

The importance of speed

The world of advertising is extremely dependent on speed and efficiency in order to succeed. The time span of viewers’ attention is really limited, since they like to read or watch ads as fast as possible. 

A major key to attract customers is to advertise your product as fast and efficient, since customers really appreciate these qualities in a product.

Satisfaction Assessment

Neuromarketing professionals use EEG (Electroencephalography) imaging to identify an individual’s response to a product or ad. This technique is extremely useful to measure customers’ level of satisfaction and, in turn, gear the ad or product towards customers’ preferred response. 

These are some useful techniques used in the field of neuromarketing to catch potential customers’ attention, but there is much more to this field than these strategies. Do you want to learn more about Neuromarketing? Click here to find the best programs available on our website.

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